Since 1998, J.W. Oliphant & Associates has been providing complete representation services to QVC, The Shopping Channel for manufacturers and distributors of consumer products in North America, Europe and the Orient. From brand conceptualization to product selection and positioning to host interaction, guest preparation, on-air support and live television production, J.W. Oliphant & Associates is a viable and seasoned partner. In 2018, J.W. Oliphant & Associates expanded its reach with QVC’s acquisition of HSN under the Qurate Retail Group.

"Navigating the unique business landscape of television shopping is not a simple task. Our experience with and understanding of the QVC and HSN corporate cultures along with our knowledge of the many nuances associated with the product life cycle allow us to anticipate important situations rather than simply reacting to them. This "edge" often results in new opportunities rather than missed chances. It is not enough to have the "next great product", nor is it enough to have had success at traditional retail venues. On this playing field, you must become expert at the art of the "live sell". Making efficient use of time and resources with proven television sales methods is paramount to success at QVC and HSN“ - Jeff Oliphant

From food to music to electronics to lighting, gift, beauty, jewelry, accessories, luggage, apparel and more, J.W. Oliphant & Associates continues to employ it's proven television sales methods and significant relationship experience at QVC and HSN to build national brand presence and generate substantial sales revenues for companies large and small. With an ever-growing list of winning products, branding initiatives and satisfied clients, J.W. Oliphant & Associates has established itself as a leader in creating and executing profitable business strategies while providing unmatched vendor support.